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At Growing Up New Mexico, we are working smart on big structural change that will improve the lives of kids and families. We’re building a pipeline for professional home-based care and a vibrant early learning center.

Igniting Curiosity, Emotional Resiliency and a Lifetime of Self-Worth.

And that’s not all. We’re keeping our eye on quality with educated professionals, enriching curriculum, and a scaffolding of opportunities that nurture secure relationships between young children and their adults in the lives. Most importantly, we are focused on closing the opportunity gap. We do this by listening to the voices in our community—policy makers and parents who share their aspirations and trust us to put them into action.

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2023 Annual Report

This past year was one of rapid growth. Read about it in our 2023 Annual Report.

Every child is born into this world ready to learn

At Growing Up New Mexico, we’ve held that belief for decades. And we’ve acted on it with reliable resources that tap into a child’s innate curiosity and build emotional resiliency—ensuring they are ready for kindergarten and beyond. From our in-home visits with new parents to our Early Learning Center at Kaune to pre-natal online resources and parenting classes, we are committed to giving every child—0-5 years old and the adults in their lives—a scaffolding of opportunities that will sustain emotional and educational development over a lifetime. Won’t you join us in uplifting our community and the families who live here?

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