All children succeed in school and life.


To engage the whole community, bringing together people and resources to create increased opportunities for young children and the adults in their lives to achieve their dreams and aspirations.


  1. Demonstrate/implement effective and proven early childhood strategies (up to 5 yrs. old) focused on quality.
  2. Prepare children to enter kindergarten ready for success.
  3. Employ two-generational model that reaches both children and families.
  4. Advocate for effective early childhood policies focused on quality and accountability.

Guiding Principles

  1. We believe that when empowered, acknowledged, and supported, young children and families will thrive. Therefore, we will embrace a Multi-Generational or “whole family” approach to Early Childhood policy/legislation advocacy and high-quality Early Childhood program design, implementation, and administration focused on removing barriers while building family stability and well-being.
  1. We believe that children and families will most benefit when programs, delivery systems, and public policy are aligned. Therefore, we will implement organizational structure and advocate for statewide structure to strengthen and streamline early childhood and family support systems.
  1. We believe all children have the right to high-quality early childhood education and care that is reflective and respectful of individual family strengths, interests, and culture. Therefore, we will provide evidence-and-research-based early childhood programs for families with young children and we will advocate for policy aimed at increasing long-term positive outcomes for children and families.
  1. We believe that all families have the right to equitable and universal access to early childhood opportunities despite societal bias related to race, language, culture, and/or socioeconomic status. Therefore, we will strive to counteract inequality through our policies and practices while acknowledging the existence of deep and long-standing systemic trauma which disproportionately affects marginalized, minority, low income, immigrant, and young families.
  1. We believe that community engagement and community partnerships are critical to the success of young children and families. Therefore, we will actively seek to engage families and maintain relationships with funders, community leaders, advocates, and stakeholders that share our vision, mission, and focus.
  1. We believe in an organizational culture of respect, collaboration, appreciation, and support which is representative of our families and the broader community. Therefore, we will embrace diversity and cultural competency across all aspects of our work and strive to fully integrate these ideals into organizational policies, programmatic decisions, and professional development opportunities.
  1. We believe in stewardship, responsibility, honesty, and fiscal transparency. Therefore, we will utilize our resources, monetary and otherwise, in service of our families and with the utmost integrity to our community partners, funders, and donors. We will manage organizational finances as guided by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and funder and donor directed deliverables.