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Family Tips for Literacy at Home

The Early Learning Center at Kaune’s classrooms revolve around the idea that children learn best when skills are embedded into meaningful experiences. For this reason, our school curriculum is based on play, projects, and studies which build on students’ interests. You can use the same principle at home to continue supporting your child’s learning and development.  Learning experiences don’t have to be complicated. In fact, the best ones are integrated into a child’s daily life. Here are a few ideas and tips to get you started. Continue reading

What Young Children Need Most

What are the most important things that children need to grow up healthy and whole? The following three factors in a child’s life have the most impact on their overall success, learning, and behavior. Here are some tips about how to create this for any child in your life. YOU can make a difference in the life of a child. Continue reading

Understanding Postpartum Depression (PPD)

Up to 80% of postpartum women experience what is called “the baby blues” and up to 20% of women will experience postpartum depression or perinatal mood disorder. Feeling blue usually goes away after a few weeks, while postpartum depression leads to an inability to function normally and, if not treated, can last for weeks, months, or even years. Continue reading

How Parents Can Support Social Skills in Their Children Read More >>

Good social skills will help your child throughout their life. Parents have an important responsibility to help develop positive social skills in their children so they can manage learning, friendships, and challenges in their future.

Here are some ways parents can foster social skills. Continue reading

Play is the Way Children Learn

When Teaching New Skills, Start with What your Child Knows and Enjoys

Play is the way children learn. They love to play with their parents and other caring adults. Here are some simple rules of play: Continue reading

Play! Follow Your Child’s Lead

When teaching new skills, start with what your child knows and enjoys. Play is the way children learn. They love to play with their parents and other caring adults. Here are some simple rules of play: Continue reading

What is home visiting and why does it help? Read More >>

The Santa Fe Children’s Project, the primary initiative of United Way of Santa Fe County, has developed an array of programs and services to support families with a two-generational approach. We know that the earlier we can begin supporting a family, the more effective our intervention will be. Our services begin prenatally to implement a foundation of support and education. Prenatal education focuses on healthy decision making, emotional well-being, and planning for birth, breastfeeding, and baby. Continue reading

Planning a birthday party for your child?

Starting at about 3 years old, your child is old enough to enjoy having friends over for a celebration, but how fancy should the party be? The basic rule for a young child’s birthday party is keep it simple. Think about inviting the same number of children as your child’s age. Continue reading

Child’s Emotional Intelligence Important for Lifelong Success

From CEOs, to athletes, to spiritual teachers, to entrepreneurs, it is increasingly understood that emotional intelligence is what sets champions apart from others. Learning emotional intelligence begins in childhood. Parents can begin teaching children about managing their emotions from an early age and it often starts with parents learning how to do it for themselves. Continue reading

The Land of Food with Toddlers

How is mealtime at your house? Enjoyable? Frustrating? Do you wonder why your toddler eats well one day, and the next hardly anything at all? Do you wonder why your child cries when the peas touch the potatoes? Or the cup is the wrong color? Last week she loved carrots. This week carrots are yucky. Will she survive? Will you? Continue reading