Directorio del personal

Executive Staff

440 Cerrillos Road, Suite A, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Katherine Freeman, President & CEO
(505) 216-2976, 

Marisol Baird, Chief of Staff
(505) 216-2972,

Pattie Ravenheart, Controller
(505) 216-2985,

Abby Bordner, V.P. of Development
(505) 216-2984,

Kate Noble, V.P. for Policy and Stakeholder Engagement
(505) 216-2981,

Maia Cortissoz, V.P. of Strategy & Grants Management
(505) 216-2973,

Jennifer Salinas, Director of Early Learning at Kaune
(505) 303-3946,

Rebecca Baran-Rees, Director of Policy Research and Communications

Elisa Minerich, Executive Assistant
(505) 216-2974,

Calixte Raifsnider, Executive Assistant Policy Research and Communications

Jessica Terrazas, Early Learning Center at Agua Fria Office Manager/ DPILP
(505) 819-0137,

Liz Weckman, Early Learning Center at Kaune Administration and Finance Manager
(505) 303-3947,

Russell Johnson, Executive Chef of Kids Kitchen

Bridges to Opportunity

3164 Agua Fria Street, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Annai Burrola, Bridges to Opportunity Coordinator & Social Worker
(505) 819-7005,

Itzel Gutierrez, Bridges to Opportunity Coach
(505) 819-7262,

First Born® Program

3164 Agua Fria Street, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Lakersha A. Montano, Home Visiting Program Manager

Jessica Apodaca, Home Visiting Program Manager

First Born® Program- Santa Fe County

Joanne Lewis, Outreach Coordinator

Maria Lucero, First Born® Lead Home Visitor

Thais Carvalho, First Born® Home Visitor

Crystal Miller, First Born® Home Visitor

Diana Ornelas, First Born® Home Visitor

Nasiba Turner, First Born® Home Visitor

Mireya Schumaker, First Born® Home Visitor

Nicole Jones, First Born® Home Visitor

Michelle Rodriguez, First Born® Home Visitor

Marisol Trevizo, First Born® Home Visitor

First Born® Program – Rio Arriba County

Denise Originales, First Born® Home Visitor

Georgianne Bird Chavez, First Born® Home Visitor

Great Start Family Support

3164 Agua Fria Street, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Shabd ‘Simran’ Kaur Adeniji, B.A., B.M., MPH Great Start Lactation Consultant and Program Coordinator

Veronica Aymacaña, CLE, Great Start Home Visitor

Family, Friends & Neighbors

3164 Agua Fria Street, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Alicia Estrada-Flores, Family, Friends & Neighbors Home Visitor
(505) 819-5484,

Nancy Solis-Munguia, Family, Friends & Neighbors Home Visitor
(505) 469-0635,

Early Education & Pre-Kindergarten

Early Learning Center at Kaune
1409 Monterey Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Jennifer Salinas, Director of Early Learning at Kaune
(505) 303-3946,

Andrenette Romero, Lead Teacher

Sarah Nelson, Lead Teacher

Jonathan Contreras, Lead Teacher

Rosalinda Romo, Lead Teacher

Martha Patricia Arana, Lead Teacher

Yolanda Jasso, Assistant Teacher

Ana Perez, Assistant Teacher

Ruth Rascon, Assistant Teacher

Ruth Ontiveros, Assistant Teacher