Home-based Child Care Initiative

Supporting Home-based child care in New Mexico

There is a critical shortage of child care in New Mexico. We believe a key solution is to develop a robust and supported system of home-based child care (HBC) providers. The Home-based Child Care Initiative supports hundreds of home-based caregivers throughout the state of New Mexico with individual coaching, incentives, professional training, and community building. Providers can increase the quality of care they provide and strengthen their child care business.

Our Home-based Child Care Initiative includes three key programs: the Family, Friends & Neighbors program; THE (Training Home Educators) Accelerator; and ESCALONES.

The Family, Friends & Neighbors program supports home-based child care providers. Through home visits, trainings, and enrichment activities, our program increases provider knowledge of child development and early learning, resulting in increased social, emotional, and academic outcomes for children being cared for in home-based settings.

THE (Training Home Educators) New Mexico Accelerator is a six month, bilingual program for family and home-based child care providers.

Through this child care business accelerator, participants receive specialized, practical training that includes access to experts, and individualized coaching. It’s all about growing high-quality child care and running a successful business.

ESCALONES supports family and home-based child care providers to grow their business and quality of care for young children across New Mexico.

In ESCALONES, providers have access to:

  • Cash rewards
  • The latest news
  • Peer networking
  • Informational webinars
  • Individualized coaching
  • Customized resources
  • and so much more!