UWSFC will change name to Growing Up New Mexico: The Early Childhood Partnership on January 18, 2021. Read More >>

The organization will continue with vision and mission that focuses on early childhood education and care.

Date: January 18, 2021

Contact: Marisol Baird, Chief of Staff        

Cell: 505-920-5939

Email: marisolb@growingupnm.org

Santa Fe, NM – To better represent its commitment to New Mexico’s families, United Way of Santa Fe County is changing its name to Growing Up New Mexico: The Early Childhood Partnership.

Despite the name change, Growing Up New Mexico will continue with the same mission and vision of the past two decades. The organization, which is exclusively focused on early childhood education and care, designs and provides multi-generational family support and opportunity building programs for families with young children, while influencing statewide policy that prioritizes children, prenatal through age five, and the adults in their lives.     

“I would like to thank our donors, corporate funders, grantors, political allies, and community partners for supporting our work throughout the years,” said Katherine Freeman, President & CEO. “I would also like to thank the children and families that we work with every day. I assure you that we are dedicated to carrying out the same high-quality work that we have always done.”

The organization has been an affiliated member organization with United Way Worldwide since 1955, though has not operated as a traditional United Way in many years. The name change will allow the organization to shorten the distance between policy and action and will fully align its work on behalf of the children and families of New Mexico.

Growing Up New Mexico will celebrate its name change with a Kick-Off Weekend Celebration of virtual events and raffles beginning on Thursday, January 21 through Sunday, January 24, 2021. Events include a Kick-Off Toast celebrating early childhood champions, a meet and greet with the organization’s leadership team, and family friendly events such as a talent show and bilingual Music and Dance with Andy Mason. Visit bit.ly/GrowingUpNM to register and learn more.


Early childhood education and care is the sole focus of Growing Up New Mexico: The Early Childhood Partnership. We are committed to ensuring that every child receives an opportunity to succeed in school and in life. Growing Up New Mexico engages the entire community, bringing together people and resources to create opportunities for children and families to achieve their dreams and aspirations. We believe that high-quality early childhood programming, combined with state-wide policy that prioritizes the success of our youngest children is the most effective social and economic investment.

To learn more please visit www.growingupnm.org

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