Parents Need a Break

Some days you feel so good about being a parent. Then there are those days when you are exhausted, worried, frustrated because everything you’ve tried is just NOT working. Your energy is low, and you wonder how you can take care of your child’s needs.

You work so hard for your child to be safe and happy, to teach him how to get along with others, and stand up for himself. But where do you get the energy to take care of yourself, and your own needs? Maybe you want someone to talk to, someone who will truly listen, without criticism. Maybe you are wanting to change how you parent. What will you keep from your own childhood? What will you NOT want to repeat?

Find someone who will give you what you have been giving to your child all day long. Someone who will listen and understand. Someone who can appreciate your hard work. Maybe give you a break from this demanding job. Taking care of yourself in this way will give your child a strong, responsive parent, exactly what she needs to grow up healthy in all ways.

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