Growing Up New Mexico’s Commitment to Anti-Racism, Equity

At Growing Up New Mexico, we believe that all children can succeed in school and life. All children. We are committed to breaking down racism where it exists in our organization, in our community, and in the world. We stand with protesters determined to build a just and equitable future in which all children grow up free from the toxic stress and physical danger of racism.

We are aware that there is nothing new about this phenomenon: indeed, racism and violence played an integral part in the founding of the United States, and has continued since then, a daily part of life for generations of Black Americans and other people of color. Children of color grow up in a society that too often devalues them solely because of their skin color and too often erases their rights and erects barriers to opportunity. Data highlight unacceptable disparities in health, education, and other key outcomes for children and youth of color. Research demonstrates the lasting physical, mental, and economic toll that racism takes on children.

We are committed to celebrating, supporting, and protecting the diverse community of Santa Fe families raising children that will become the problem solvers, scientists, artists, teachers, and leaders of our future. We will work to deconstruct systemic racism and underlying bias in every arena and in every way we can.

We know that strengthening early childhood is an absolutely critical tool in closing opportunity gaps, and in building a better, more equitable future. Now, more than ever, we are recommitting to active continual learning to better ourselves and to improve this transformative work.

We believe we can create an ever more equitable, inclusive, and diverse community that truly reflects the needs of all children, families, and caregivers.