New Brothers and Sisters!

Your household is growing. Another baby has arrived, and everyone is excited and happy… except your toddler. She is acting like she hates her baby brother. You love both your children, and you wonder why your older child is acting this way.

Your child feels:

Your toddler may become scared. The new baby is getting all the attention all the time. She thinks you love the new baby more than her. She is lonely, jealous. She feels helpless, even guilty because the wants the new baby to go away. She wants to be the “only baby” again.

You feel:

You are joyful about another baby in the household. But it’s a big adjustment for the family and you need harmony. How is your toddler letting you know that she is jealous? Is she hurting the baby? Is she wetting herself again, wanting to drink out of a baby bottle? You want to understand her, to show her that you love her as much as the new baby.


When your toddler shows these “not so nice” feelings towards the new baby… listen carefully. Let her get out all those awful, terrible thoughts. She needs your gentle understanding. Take some special time together: wash the dishes together, go for a short walk, let her take care of her own stuffed baby animal.

When you do this, she will feel special and understood. This is a deep need for all of us.