Transforming Child Care

Child care in New Mexico is undergoing a radical transformation. Systemic shifts (catalyzed during the covid pandemic) such as expanded child care assistance eligibility, increased subsidy payments, and wage supplements paid to educators, have recognized the central role that child care plays in knitting together our economy and our communities. The importance of a well-compensated and qualified workforce, and the need to professionalize the industry, is now understood as central to the big structural change ahead.

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Family Child Care & Home-Based Providers!

Do you care for kids at home? Are you improving your caregiving and building a business? ESCALONES: Rewards will pay you for making progress toward your professional goals!

Who can participate?

If you are part of a network with Growing Up NM, and are a home-based provider caring for kids not yet in kindergarten, you can participate! This includes:

When you participate in ESCALONES: Rewards, you can get paid for key steps you take to improve your business and caregiving. The more progress you make, the more rewards you collect!

  • Unregistered and unlicensed caregivers
  • Registered providers
  • Licensed providers
  • THE Accelerator Participants

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An opportunity to expand quality care

There is a critical shortage of child care in New Mexico. We believe a key solution is to develop a robust and supported system of home-based child care providers. This must be deeply informed by families’ needs and desires for care and the unique characteristics of a community. Growing Up New Mexico is supporting networks to develop high-quality, home-based care throughout the state of New Mexico.

We believe expanding quality home-based child care is a monumental opportunity for culturally aligned support for working families.  We are working towards policy improvements rooted in local programs and knowledge.  Some of our activities include:

  • Supporting local networks of home-based providers to identify barriers and solutions
  • Launching a statewide business accelerator for caregivers, to include business coaching, tax help, and child growth and development training
  • Leveraging smart technology tools, in partnership with Wonderschool, to build enrollment and boost child care businesses
  • Aligning with national best practices through a national community of practice for Home-based care

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