Family, Friends & Neighbors

A Community for Home-based Child Care Providers

The Family, Friends & Neighbors program supports home-based child care providers. Through home visits, trainings, and enrichment activities, our program increases provider knowledge of child development and early learning, resulting in increased social, emotional, and academic outcomes for children being cared for in home-based settings.

Resources to support home-based child care providers

  • Home visits*
  • Books
  • Community Activities 
  • CPR and First Aid Training
  • Classes and Events
  • Child development training
    and much more
  • Support towards registering or licensing, if desired 

*Please note: At this time, we are offering both in-person or virtual visits.

2023 Measurable Impact

27providers engagedthrough home visits, events, and connections to resources.
12providers completed Circle of Security training
20providers became CPR certified
4providers completed Safe Sleep training

To Register for Family, Friends & Neighbors, fill out the form below or Contact Us: or (505) 819-5484