Outdoor Learning Spaces

Nurturing Young Hearts and Minds

Children have been spending
less time outdoors than ever before.

A 2018 study in the United Kingdom revealed that children today spend about four hours outside per week, roughly 50% less than their parents as kids. When children don’t spend enough time outdoors, they miss out on experiences critical to healthy growth and development, including physical activity, Vitamin D exposure, stress reduction, and nervous system regulation. In addition, immersing children in the natural world helps them gain observational skills needed to think critically beyond their immediate surroundings and build well-rounded perspectives.

Inspiring future
environmentalists, scientists, and leaders

Exposing children to environmental diversity—from unique ecosystems to differing landscapes and climates—encourages an appreciation for, and a comfort in, the natural world while helping them better understand their place within it. By allowing children to touch, see, hear, and even taste their surroundings, they recognize from an early age that our planet is worth protecting.

Naming opportunities

Dramatic Play

Table and Seating
Sunflower Field

Mumford Family Garden – SOLD

Vegetables and Herbs
Perennial Herbs
Container Annual Herbs
Spring, Summer, Fall Harvest Vegetables
Pyramid Trellis

Sound Discovery

Outdoor Music Equipment
Large Shade Tree

Sand, Mud, Water Sensory Play – SOLD

Sand Sensory Play
Mud Sensory Play
Water Sensory Play

Outdoor Atelier

Mixed Media Art Materials
Natural Materials

Construction Exploration

Natural Building Materials
Dry Creek Bed

Central Gathering

Berry Hedge
Flexible, Natural Seating
Shade Trees

Quinn Family Meeting Area – SOLD

Table and Seating
Sand Discovery
Fruit Trees
Perennial and Annual Herbs

Trebie’s Garden – SOLD

Flexible Open Area
Spiral Rain Garden

2 Wildflower Meadows – 2 SOLD

Native Wildflower Mix
Walking Path
Table and Seating

2 Infant and Toddler Outdoor Learning – 1 SOLD

Infant Play Structure
Infant Sand Discovery
Toddler Play Structure
Toddler Sand Discovery
Fruit Trees
Perennial and Annual Herbs

For lead gifts and naming opportunities, please contact Brigid Quinn, Director of Community Philanthropy.