Community Engagement

We are working on big, structural change to improve the lives of kids and families throughout New Mexico. We listen to the voices in our communities – policy makers and parents who share their aspirations and trust us to put them into action.

Our work centers on brokering smart, actionable initiatives and legislation while building trust and promoting equity through broad stakeholder engagement. 

We engage families, early childhood professionals, child care providers, researchers, government officials, and members of the community who are committed to improving the lives of the youngest New Mexicans.  Either in large coalitions, community conversations, focus groups, key interviews or surveys, we listen deeply to diverse stakeholders to foster collaboration and build on the strengths of New Mexico’s unique communities.

We also directly support the development of family leaders through a statewide Family Leadership Council. This inspiring group of parents and grandparents are paid a professional wage to set goals, build skills and advocate for change.

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