PreK and Child Care

Fueling Your Child’s Natural Desire to Learn

Kaune is a warm and welcoming place for children 3 – 5 years old.  Our educators start with a foundation built on relationship and social-emotional learning. We support children in developing the skills they need to work, play, and interact with the other members of our school community. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach of learning, educators create classroom environments that promote curiosity, exploration, and discovery—igniting a lifelong love of learning. Our program has received national accreditation though NAEYC, which ensures programs meet their 10 standards of high-quality early childhood education.

Coming soon – the launch of our Reggio Emilia inspired infant and toddler care program!

We are excited to announce that we will be adding high-quality child care for infants and toddlers six weeks and older, to our early learning program at Kaune. Expanding our services will not only further prepare our youngest learners for success in school and in life but will provide even more peace of mind to parents and caregivers who work to support their families.

With limited infant and toddler care spots available, we will prioritize slots to families currently receiving services through Growing Up New Mexico (Great Start, Home Visiting, Bridges to Opportunity, siblings of current PreK/Early PreK students). After the application period, a lottery will be held to determine which families may register for infant or toddler care. Families eligible to apply will receive an update from their assigned Coach, Home Visitor, or Teacher when the application is available.

Early Learning Center at Kaune Philosophy

We Believeeach child is unique in their experiences, strengths, and perspectives of the world around them. 
We Recognizethat a child’s family is a critical component in their development.
We Engagechildren by speaking their language.  Our Dual Language classrooms aim to provide instruction in both English and Spanish evenly throughout the day. 
We EmbraceAnti-Bias curriculum which celebrates all differences. Children are encouraged to be active and curious in their own learning and development.
We Careabout creativity. Our classrooms are bright, spacious and include dramatic play, science, blocks, a writing center, book/library area, creative expression and art, math, manipulatives, music, sensory enrichment, and hands-on exploration. All children play outdoors on age-appropriate playgrounds which incorporate organic materials and nature play.
We Are Inspiredby the Reggio Emilia approach, which recognizes children’s natural desire to learn through discovery, experimentation, and exploration. Our educators work alongside children as they build upon these interests to develop classroom projects and areas of study.
We Knowthat when a child’s joyful curiosity is ignited early, that flame endures even when they are challenged. Valued as strong, competent, and resilient learners, young children who come out of our Reggio Emilia-inspired program emerge prepared for success in school and life.

Application Details and Deadlines

The Early Learning Center at Kaune PreK and Child Care Program is now accepting applications for children 3 – 4 years of age for the 2023-2024 school year. For best consideration, submit your application before April 30, 2023. All applications received by this date will be entered into the lottery. In order to qualify for our program, children must turn 3 or 4 years old before September 1, 2023.

Some applicants will be given priority status in the application process. One-third of all available spaces will be filled by priority applicants. After one-third of all spaces are filled, the remaining applicants within the priority pool will be added to the rest of the applications for the final lottery. Priority status does not guarantee a spot in our program.

Priority status is applied to:

  • Children who have participated in one of our programs such as Great Start, Home Visiting, Bridges to Opportunity, or Family, Friends & Neighbors 
  • Children who have a sibling who previously attended the Early Learning Center at Kaune 

The lottery will be drawn on May 3, 2023. Families will receive notification of the lottery results by May 17, 2023. Each family is responsible for keeping their contact information current.

If your child is selected to attend Kaune, you will be contacted by phone.

If your child is NOT selected to attend Kaune, she/he will be placed on the wait list and will be sent a letter by mail.

Staff will attempt to contact a family twice. After two attempts, staff will note that the family has declined enrollment and will not call again.

All applications received after April 30, 2023, will be added to the end of the wait list in the order they are received.

For hours of operation and tuition rates, please see application below.

Note: If your child is placed on the wait list, you must complete a new application for the following school year to be considered for the lottery.

Contact Us: or (505) 303-3950

Application for ELC at Kaune PreK and Child Care

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ECECD Childcare Assistance is accepted! Other financial assistance may be available if there is a demonstrated need. A member of the Kaune office team will contact you upon receipt of your application to confirm placement on our lottery/wait list. They will be available to discuss all payment options at that time.
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