Bridges to Opportunity

Bridges to Opportunity provides short-term Navigation and long-term coaching to families with young children, prenatal to five. Once a family is matched with a Bridges to Opportunity coach, they receive navigation to address immediate needs like emergency aid, food, transportation, housing and utility insecurity, childcare, and mental health services. Once those issues have been identified and addressed, a family can elect to receive multi-generational or “whole family” coaching to aid in setting and reaching self-identified goals in one or more of the following areas: Social Capital, Early Childhood Education, Post-secondary and Employment Pathways, Economic Assets, Health and Well-being.

Annai Burrola, Bridges to Opportunity Coach and Coordinator
(505) 819-7005,

Itzel Gutierrez, Bridges to Opportunity Coach
(505) 819-7262,

Monica Archuleta, Bridges to Opportunity Coach
(505) 231-3411,

Javier Alvarado, Bridges to Opportunity Coach
(505) 470-8234,